Getting Acquainted with Your Jeep's Vehicle Features

For many years, Jeep has established a reputation for manufacturing some of the best sport utility vehicles on the auto market. However, many of the SUV drivers and even loyal Jeep fans may be surprised to learn about the different features that can enhance the capabilities of Jeep vehicles for both off-roading and regular driving.

When it comes to handling, Jeep integrates some of the best in class technology. Hill Assist is a feature designed to help Jeep models to safely start up and drive against steep gradients on hilly roads. Similarly, the Hill Descent technology is designed to properly stabilize Jeeps when rolling down steep elevations. The Hill Assist and Descent Jeep vehicle features were designed for frequent use in off road conditions, as well as mountainous terrains.

Jeep lovers know that this brand offers some of the best all-wheel drive capabilities available. The brand new Command-Trac All-Wheel Drive technology is optimized for delivering equal power to all wheels when rolling on smooth road surfaces such as paved streets and highways. The Rock-Trac technology is integrated into all-wheel drive capabilities that are designed for off road driving such as on rocks, dirt and sand. The Rock-Trac feature makes it possible to cruise at a slow speed while still maintaining great torque and engine speed in off road conditions.

Certain Jeep models are optimized for all terrain driving with a design that features a high ground clearance of 12-inches. However, some Jeeps also have advanced designs that carefully consider proper navigation in off road conditions. This means the approach and departure angles are carefully optimized in order to provide the right clearance when a Jeep finds itself in uneven terrains. The perfect approach and departure angles also minimize collision damage to the chassis and other components when going through a rough ride.

Standard safety features such as Anti-Lock Braking System and Electronic Stability Control are already quite known in all vehicle classes. However, Jeep models are equipped with Electronic Roll Mitigation (EMR) technology that isn't found in all SUV models. EMR is designed to prevent the possibility of a Jeep from overturning during travels on slippery and steep roads. An above average ground clearance makes some jeeps vulnerable to tipping because of the shift in the center of gravity. ERM automatically senses when a Jeep may possibly overturn and applies the brakes immediately.

Jeep models are traditionally known for having powerful engine blocks that deliver plenty of horsepower and torque on any type of terrain. However, fuel efficiency is also now a priority in select Jeep models such as in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The EcoDiesel V6 engine runs on diesel engine and can generate a best in class fuel economy of up to 30 mpg on the highway. Such an engine is a stark contrast to some other more powerful options such as the legendary V8 or PentaStar V6 choices. A compact 2.0-liter Inline four-cylinder engine is also gaining popularity among Jeep fans.

Some well-known traditional features in Jeeps have been refined and improved in recent years. Jeep fans may be excited to learn about new features in the powertrain, drivetrain, chassis and other major parts. There is much more to a Jeep than classic 4 x 4 wheel drive. The Jeep official website offers full insights into the latest features that may not be known among loyal Jeep fans.

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