Chrysler Explores Diesel Options in US

Ever-rising oil costs have drivers looking at other fuel options for their automobiles. One smart option many drivers are exploring are diesel fueled cars and trucks. Diesel engines are predominant in commercial trucks and buses. They are a popular option in European countries for consumer vehicles and gaining a strong interest in the United States.

Chrysler Explores Diesel Options
The automotive world is abuzz with the possibility of Chrysler adding a diesel option to its impressive fleet of cars. The Chrysler 300 is unofficially expected to have a diesel engine option available in the near future.

Car and Driver reports that Chrysler President Saad Chehab discussed the possibility of the manufacturer's 300 model gaining a diesel option with Wards Auto, though no final decision has been reached as of yet. Another comment that has auto-enthusiasts listening was when Chrysler Group-owned Jeep released the initial report that they would be producing a diesel powered Jeep Grand Cherokee starting in 2013. Along with the Jeep announcement, Chrysler officials alluded to exploring producing more diesel autos in the future.

With Chrysler's European equivalent of the 300, the Lancia Thema, already having a diesel option available for sale it is easy to envision the 300 with a diesel option. The Lancia Thema has a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine.

The American diesel automotive landscape has long been dominated by trucks, so an American-made full-size sedan would likely be a much welcomed addition. The numerous advantages of diesel fueled cars and trucks make buyers eager for Chrysler diesel selections.

Benefits of Diesel Fuel

  • Fuel Efficiency without Sacrificing Power- Diesel engines have higher compression rates. This translates to more power put out with less fuel consumed. Greater horsepower is produced per gallon of fuel. For these reasons, diesel engine run cars are well-known for both their fuel efficiency and their impressive power.
  • Less Maintenance- A diesel engine requires less frequent tune-ups and engine maintenance than an auto that runs on conventional gasoline. A diesel engine has a simpler design that makes it easier to maintain.
  • Longer Vehicle Lifespan- A diesel fueled car will likely last longer than its gasoline powered counterparts. Because diesel cars and trucks do not have an electronic fuel injection system, much of the wear and tear on the car is reduced. This results in the aforementioned reduced maintenance as well as a longer vehicle life. A vehicle with well over 200,000 miles on it will still have miles and miles left to go.
  • Environmental Benefits- Diesel fuel is cleaner burning than gasoline is. Its emissions are cleaner making it a better choice for the environment.
  • Convenience- Because diesel fuel is used in 18-wheelers, it is available at a vast number of gas stations all across the country. This availability makes it a far more practical and convenient alternative to gasoline than most other alternative fueling choices.
  • Improved Safety-A diesel engine ignites the fuel with hot compressed air as opposed to a spark ignition. Diesel fuel does not explode as conventional gasoline does. This safety factor is valuable in the event of an accident.

The Future
With so many benefits to a diesel powered car, it is easy to see why Chrysler is looking into bringing its American customers a diesel powered full-sized sedan. Interested drivers should stay tuned to news releases from Chrysler and check with their local Chrysler dealerships for updates.

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