What's love got to do with it?

Well, apparently everything.

America's favorite cars recently received some much deserved publicity. Consumer consulting group Strategic Vision named seven Chrysler Group cars as the "Most Loved Vehicles in America." These most beloved models in their respective categories include: 

Based on ratings from The Edwards Commitment Scale, the Chrysler Group's achievement of seven vehicles to Strategic Vision's list of the most loved vehicles in America reflects true customer value and loyalty to Chrysler cars, the hallmark of any reliable company with quality products. 

For each car model attribute, consumers scored vehicles on a scale of 1 (Hate It) to 7 (Love it), and everything in between. Combining this with dealership experiences and consumer ratings of commitment, overall satisfaction, total top emotional responses, proposed repurchase loyalty and actual repurchase loyalty, Strategic Vision ranked cars on a Most Loved Index. While many cars earned scores of "Excellent" and "Delightful," only the truly first rate vehicles ranked a score of "Love." 

Using these selective criteria, Chrysler's seven most loved vehicles in America scored from a range of 521 to 702 out of 1000 possible points. Clearly, Chrysler vehicles have made the grade in not only winning, but also maintaining, the affection and satisfaction of loyal American consumers. 

Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision, affirms, "Love should be on any brand's internal scorecard and really is the pinnacle of achievement. We have been able to demonstrate the power of Love to predict commitment, advocacy and loyalty. Love is about the bottom line. Ignore it at your own risk." 

So take your pick of vehicles from one of America's most reliable and loved car companies. Perhaps you need the tried-and-true simplicity of the Dodge Dart to get you there, or the carrying capacity of the Ram 3500 to get the job done. Maybe you want the rowdy spunk of the Dodge Challenger, or the rugged quality of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Whatever your needs, you will find an affordable and reliable model among the most loved vehicles in America.

When it comes to cars, it really is about love and America loves Chrysler. Choose from the most loved vehicles in America. Choose from Chrysler. You'll fall hard, you'll fall fast, and you'll probably come back for more.

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